Hey. I'm Stephen Siemens.
I love creating Special Effects and I love Animating. I love Drawing and I really like Green Tea. You can find some samples of my work in the video on this page, and you find my work experience and contact information below. Peace for now.

Work Affiliations
As the Lead Editor and Animator with Hell Yeah Studios, I have created hundreds of videos, which are masterfully crafted, uniquely distinct, and authentically you. My background includes a degree in Business Administration, a minor in Computer Science and a lot of drawing dinosaurs as a kid.
Marty Fishman creates award-winning short films and animations - where I collaborate with my close friends Daniel Maggio and Wesley Houdyshell. It started with a feature film called Marty's Magnificent Day-Glo Dream-a-Thon in 2011 and continues to this day.
Can I Get A Transformation? is a web show that is changing the world, one giggle at a time! I was involved in every aspect of production, from green-screening and animating to story development and acting.
Premiere Productions offers professional and unforgettable wedding videography. Capturing our clients' most important day honed my cinematographic skills and my ability to tell stories as an editor.
RapidWingo is my personal outlet for collaborative artistic endeavors. My art is a path toward truth.

Contact Information
Software Proficiencies
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